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Hi!  We are Marika Connole and Molly Christensen.  We’re sisters who have 8 & 7 kids each and between the two of us we have about 50 years worth of experience as homeschool moms! 

As busy homeschool moms with a lot of kids, we know how hard it is to get to all the things!   And we also know how hard it is to support your kids in all the opportunities, especially when technology keeps changing!   While it can be tempting to completely ban all technology, we’ve found that avoiding it isn’t going to solve the problem.  Instead, we’ve decided that with good boundaries and teaching our kids to use tech as a producer more than a consumer, we can embrace the fact that it’s not going to go away, and our children’s passions won’t just be endless hours of selfish consumption.   

But we’ve also found that being in a co-op can be exhausting for moms.  And when your kids are just being dropped off at classes, you lose that sense of community, which is really important for not only the kids but the parents and the networking too.

That’s why we decided to start up a whole new educational model of a collaborative, where parents (usually moms) will join for the first hour of the day for the vision and connection time, and then parents can head home while their kids create! 

We both have tons of experience in running homeschool co-ops, and a solid framework to ensure success.

We'd love to have you join us!

Marika Connole

While homeschooling her 8 children for 25+ years, she has crafted dozens of educational products, composed hundreds of pieces of music, and published a number of books.  She founded CompleteLee Family to help strengthen families and individuals through life’s journey.   She has been a keynote speaker, convention speaker, taught workshops and other classes.

Molly Christensen 

A joyful 23+ year veteran homeschool mom of 7 amazing children, Molly has written mounds of curriculum, taught classes to youth & adults.  She is the owner of Building Heroes at Home, author of "How to Get Everything (Important) Done" and podcast host of The Building Heroes Podcast.   She is passionate about sharing her love of learning and encouraging others on their journeys to greatness!